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League Results

Kings of Worcester 108 - 23 Cougars

Hereford Mavericks 35 - 79 YMCA Hawks

League Result

YMCA Eagles 77 - 74 Kings of Worcester 2

Postponed Match

Tonights match @ Jets has been postponed.

Change of Venue

The following match was missed off the list of matches that will now take place at The Crypt School, Podsmead Road, Gloucester. GL2 5AE

  • 119 - Pumas -v- Kings 2 [Mellor / Castello]


Change of Tip Times

The University of Gloucestershire have had to change the tip times of the following matches to 20:45 ...

  • 106 - Wildcats 2 -v- Wildcats [Strickland / Matthews]
  • 129 - Wildcats 1 -v- Tornadoes [Lloyd G / Strickland]
  • 148 - Wildcats 1 -v- Kings 2 [Jackson / Steckbeck]
  • 161 - Wildcats 2 -v- Tornadoes [Gordon / Llewellyn]


Change of Venue

The police have had to change the venue of the following matches to ...

The Crypt School, Podsmead Road, Gloucester. GL2 5AE

Tip-Off times remain the same

  • 111 - Cougars -v- Tornadoes [Gordon / Llewellyn]
  • 118 - Cougras -v- Jets [Mellor / Castello]
  • 151 - Cougars -v- Hawks [Strickland / Hayward]
  • 152 - Pumas -v- Kings [Strickland / Hayward]
  • 158 - Cougars -v- Blazers [Gordon / Llewellyn]


FIBA Rule Changes

FIBA have introduced some new rule changes for the coming season, with effect from 1st October.

Art. 4.3 Uniforms.

The provision that T-shirts may be worn by players under their game uniforms is not valid anymore.

Art. 25.2.3 Player falling on the floor.

It is legal when a player falls and slides on the floor while holding the ball.

Art. 28.1.3 Ball goes into teamís frontcourt.

The ball goes to the teamsí frontcourt when, during the dribble from backcourt to frontcourt, both feet of the dribbler and the ball are in contact with the frontcourt.

Art. 30.1.2 Ball returned to the backcourt.

It will not be a violation anymore if a player, who jumps from his frontcourt, establishes a new team control while still airborne and then lands in his teamís backcourt.

Art. 31 Goaltending and interference.

If a player reaches through the basket from below and touches the ball, it is an interference (and not a simple violation) with all the relevant rule consequences.

Art. 36.1.4 Unsportsmanlike foul.

If a defensive player causes contact with an opponent from behind or laterally in an attempt to stop a fast break and there is no opponent between the offensive player and the opponentsí basket, then the contact shall be judged to be unsportsmanlike.

Art. 38.3.1 Technical foul.

A technical foul can be called on a player for excessive swinging of elbows (without contact).

For more information, vistit

Club, Officials and Players Registrations Forms

Last night I distributed electronic copies of the above forms to all of the club secretaries by email.

If you are a nominated secretary and have not received these forms, please let me know ASAP.

Team List

Cheltenham Eagles
Cheltenham Falcons
Cheltenham Hawks
Gloucester Knights
Gloucester Old Spots
Malvern Mavericks
Malvern Mavericks B
Stroud Sharks
UoG Raiders
Worcester Bears
Worcester Cyclones