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AGM Minutes

The minutes of last week's A.G.M. are now available on the Minutes page.

There are a few items to bring to your attention:

The rules have been amended to take account of actions required from the AGM and will shortly be uploaded to this site.

Geoff has stepped down from his role as Registrar, and is having a break from all his basketball committments.

Dave will initially undertake the role whilst we try to establish what the changes made by BE actually are and how they affect us as a leage, secretaries, referees and table officials locally. Once this is clear we will set out what needs to be done and pathways.

We will provide information on the Website re safegaurding for officials and secretaries to familiarise themselves with and to take responsibility for the actions required of them. We will highlight specific documents of interest.

Once we know what the actual role of the registrar will be, we will then determine how to replace Geoff in the long term.

There wil be something to referees sometime this week in relation to information Richard wishes for the 3rd of September meeting and also highlighting some of the league rule changes, which, whilst you knew to view the proposals, following approval from the AGM, would be worth highlighting again.

Secretaries a reminder of the need to speak to your players re all stars and feedback to Ian to enable him to work on that proposal for inclusion in Fixtures.

2019 / 2020 League Entries

You can download your GBBA entry form for the 2019/2020 season here!

Note: There are three parts.

Please also note the change of email address relating to its return.

The League Secretary now has full responsibility for direct communication in all matters relating to the league, ie referees, fixtures, penalties, scoresheets and referees reports.

All sections of the rules which previously referred to items to be sent to the league administrator have now changed to the league secretary.

The league administrator is now responsible for GBBA administration re meetings, finals etc and in providing administration support to the league secretary and chair as required.

Basketball England Fees 2019/2020 Season

Updated AGM Resources

A couple of the documents for the A.G.M. have been updated.

Please see below ...

AGM 2018/2019 Agenda

League Rules for Review

Finance Meeting Minutes

The minutes of the last finance meeting are now availabe online.

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Malvern Mavericks B
Stroud Sharks
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