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GBL Match Result

194 Tornadoes 48 - 66 Charlton Kings

John Llewellyn Plate

The results from the weekend are in and mean that Warriors will play Hurricanes in the final.

Charity Cup Final Update

Match Times:

10.00Senior All Stars Game – Presentations immediately after
 North Coach Jo Grainer
 South Coach Adam Stacey
12.00Junior All Starts Game - Presentations immediately after
 Coaches to be named
14.00John Llewellyn Charity Cup Final - Presentation immediately after
 Warriors -v- Hurricanes
16:00Dexter Dawson Charity Cup Final - Presentations immediately after ( including Presentation of Cheques to representatives from 'CotsforTots' and 'CLIC' ).
 Pumas -v- Kings
The three senior games will run with a 24 second clock.

Table officials will be provided by Worcester Basketball Club and Saxons Basketball Club

The Referee Pool for the day is being provided by:

  • Dave Finch
  • Theo Gooch
  • Jo Grainer
  • Cass Castello
  • 2 x Saxons Basketball Club

GBBA League Winners Trophy and Medals as well as the GBBA will be presented at the half way point in the Dexter Dawson Charity Cup Match.

The GBBA MVP Award for 2018 will be presented at the end of the Charity Cup Presentations.

GBL Match Results

618 Warriors 96 - 56 Cheltenham Hawks

GBL Match Results

502 Charlton Kings 80 - 44 Worcester Cyclones

612 Stroud Sharks 62 - 101 Worcester Hurricanes

Dexter Dawson Cup Final

The above result means that the Pumas will play Kings in the Dexter Dawson Cup Final on May 13th.

GBL Re-Arranged Match

194 Tornadoes v Kings, will now be played on Sunday 29th April, 2018

GBL Match Result

204 Warriors 92 - 55 Tornadoes

GBL Champions

Many congratulations to the WARRIORS team, as the result above confirms them as the 2017/2018 GBL Champions.

Runners up are the CHELTENHAM HAWKS.

GBL Forfeited Matches

194 Tornadoes 0 - 20 Charlton Kings

193 Worcester Hurricanes 20 - 0 Cheltenham Spartans

GBL Match Result

614 Cheltenham Hawks 68 - 63 Warriors

May 13th Finals Day - Running Order

The line up for the day will be as follows...

10:00Mens All-Star game
12:00Junior All-Star Game
14:00John Llewllyn Plate Final
16:00Dexter Dawson Cup Final

The league trophy & medals will be presented at half time of the Cup Final

GBL Match Result

501 Worcester Cyclones 89 - 70 Charlton Kings

GBL Match Result

610 Worcester Hurricanes 67 - 57 Stroud Sharks

GBL Forfeited Matches

504 Gloucester Pumas 20 - 0 Cheltenham Spartans

503 Cheltenham Spartans 0 - 20 Gloucester Pumas

GBL Match Results

603 Tornadoes 60 - 63 Cheltenham Hawks

503 Cheltenham Spartans 47 - 68 Gloucester Pumas

GBL Match Result Correction

503 Cheltenham Spartans 47 - 63 Gloucester Pumas

GBL Forfeited Match

166 UoG Raiders 0 - 20 Cheltenham Eagles

GBL Match Result

602 Cheltenham Eagles 34 - 69 Warriors

GBL Match Result

208 Worcester Cyclones 66 - 99 Gloucester Pumas

GBL Forfeited Matches

202 Charlton Kings 20 - 0 UoG Raiders

108 Worcester Hurricanes 20 - 0 Tornadoes

GBL Match Result

205 Gloucester Pumas 34 - 49 Cheltenham Spartans

GBL Match Result

601 UoG Raiders 68 - 83 Stroud Sharks

GBL Re-Arranged Match

192 Sharks v Warriors, will now be played on Friday 4th May, 2018

GBL Match Result

188 Warriors 66 - 53 Cheltenham Hawks

UPDATE: FIBA/BE Under 14 Girls 3x3

We have made a change to the entry procedure, so that all is needed is an adult contact, and subsequently the £5 per team entry fee.

Please pass the word around as this may help to encourage entries before all the player details have been gathered. There has been lots of interest, but few formal entries up to now.

The two dates are:

Sunday 22 April at Uffculme School, Devon (only 5 minutes from M5)

Saturday 28 April at Bristol Metropolitan Academy (easily accessible from M5/M4/M32)

This should be great fun, and could also benefit clubs who may get some new recruits through beginners taking part.

If you don't run a girls' team/section as such but have a few girls playing, or siblings/chldren of other club members, this would be a good opportunity for them to play with and against other girls.

To enter, go to

Paul Christensen

GBL Match Result

191 Cheltenham Hawks 79 - 54 Cheltenham Eagles

GBL Forfeited Match

110 Worcester Cyclones 20 - 0 Tornadoes

REMINDER: FIBA/BE Under 14 Girls 3x3

This is a great development which we hope will get more young girls involved in the game. Each region is staging a 3x3 tournament for U14 girls (school year 9 and younger) as part of a national project with support from FIBA. As we have such a widespread region, we are going for two tournaments.

Whilst we are keen to see girls who are already playing basketball involved, we are particularly targeting teams of beginners, or those in which an existing player introduces friends to the game by forming a team. We hope that this will appeal to girls for whom there is no dedicated team but who play in boys’ or mixed teams. For this reason, we are planning to have two levels of competition: Learners and Improvers.

Even if you do not regularly run basketball or teams for girls, please consider this as there may be a few hidden talents in children or siblings of your members. I would also appreciate it if you could forward to schools in your area who are active in the game.

To see more details and entry forms etc, please go to


Paul Christensen
Performance Coach Coordinator South West

South West Regional Management and Chair

The main purpose of this post is to update you (or at least those who have not caught up with the information on BE sources) about the governance of South west basketball.

In the past, regional matters in the South West have been overseen by a Regional Management Committee and a number of colleagues have contributed a good deal of time and effort to developing basketball through this function. Three years ago, Basketball England ceased funding the RMC. With only a small bank balance, the RMC has effectively been dormant in this time, subsidising the Inter County Tournament, Best of the West event etc, and supervising the SW teams in the Regional Development Tournaments, but unable to initiate anything new.

Within the BE plan to revitalise the regions is the intention to gradually re-establish a management group, with each member holding a portfolio for a specific area of development. They, and we, realise that this is a medium to long term objective and will probably be met over a period of several years rather than weeks or months.

The aim is to make regional management an integral part of BE rather than a separate organisation. Whilst this whole process has been rather slower than we would have wished, and the financial arrangements are still not finalised, personally I support this as a positive move for the future development of the game at local and regional level.

You may have noticed that the position of Chair has already been advertised. This will be by BE appointment rather than any elective process. The initial deadline has now passed, and I have not been informed whether any applications have been received for South West. If not, I am sure the closing date will be extended as necessary.

I have held the position of Chair for a few years. There is an expectation of much more regional activity, and especially in the early stages with the recruitment of colleagues to fill other roles. At a time when I am trying to reduce my basketball commitments, it is not something I feel I should take on, and I also believe that some new, younger, blood would support the changes and development best.

I expect that I will remain in post, by default, until such time as a new Chair is appointed, with the target being by May.

The other new positions go beyond the traditional basketball areas such as officiating and coaching, and may interest people with relevant skills and experience in communications, event promotion, fundraising etc. Please let me know informally if you would be interested in contributing to the new structure in any way.

Finally, I would like to show our appreciation of what you all do, every week and mostly un-noticed, to sustain and develop the game. I hope you will have a much better regional structure in future and that everyone will wish to contribute positively to that.

Kind regards
Paul Christensen

South West Girls U14 Inter County Tournament

The above tournament will take place at Wycliffe College, Stonehouse, Stroud on Sunday 29th April.

The competition will probably be of 5 or 6 teams playing on 2 courts.

The games will run to full rules (stopped clock) and with proper game administration.

All Star Game - Nominations

There's not long to go until the deadline for the All Star Nominations is upon us.

If you have a nomination,please let Issy know ASAP.

National League Results

U18 Women Gloster Jets 56 - 34 Bristol Storm

U16 Boys Gloster Jets 43 - 92 Bristol Academy Flyers

U18 Men Gloster Jets 66 - 62 Bristol Academy Flyers

U18 Women Team Birmingham Elite 61 - 50 Gloster Jets

Team List

Cheltenham Eagles
Cheltenham Falcons
Cheltenham Hawks
Gloucester Knights
Gloucester Old Spots
Malvern Mavericks
Malvern Mavericks B
Stroud Sharks
UoG Raiders
Worcester Bears
Worcester Cyclones