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Cup Finals Day

The draw for the cup games has been made as will be as follows ...

12:00 Plate: Cougars v Eagles
13:30 Cup Semi Final: Warriors v Pumas
15:00 Plate: Eagles v Mavericks
16:30 Cup Semi-Final: Worcester v Jets
18:00 Plate: Mavericks v Cougars
19:30 Cup Final

These times are only approximate, and teams should be ready to play their first game up to 15 minutes before the scheduled time.

Handicaps applied for these shorter games will be:

Worcester 6 (Blue)
Warriors 11 (White)
Pumas 17 (Orange)
Mavericks 22 (White)
Jets 28 (Red)
Eagles 33 (Black)
Cougars 50 (Red)

Teams will be expected to wear the colours shown (home colours except in the case of Jets): any change to this must be negotiated with opponents in advance.

EB/FIBA rules will apply with the following exceptions only:

4 periods of 8 minutes
Half time interval: 3 minutes
Periods of overtime will be of 3 minutes

Each team must provide one competent table official (able to act as scorekeeper or timekeeper) for their own game(s).

All court and refereesí costs will be met by GBBA.

Teams who have won awards during the season but who will not be playing on 15 May will be presented with these if they are present (otherwise they will be available at the AGM).

Match Results

427 Cougars 60 - 93 Team Gloster Jets

331 Tornadoes 63 - 68 Worcester Basketball

Division Winners

The two results listed above bring to an end the post Christmas league phase of the season.

Congratulations to Worcester Basketball, who were unbeaten after Christmas, and are crowned winners of the 1st division title.

The Warriors, in their first year in the GBBA, take the runners-up spot.

The 2nd division title goes to the YMCA Eagles, who just piped Gloster Jets by the narrowest of margins on points difference.

Cup Competition

The Cup competition was plagued by team withdrawals, mainly caused by teams having insufficient eligible players available to play. In the end there are 7 teams left, not even sufficient to have Cup and Plate semi finals.

Therefore, the competition will proceeed in a different format, on one day, Sunday 15 May, at Cirencester Deer Park School.

The Cup competition will have semi finals and final, including the four teams who won games in the Cup groups (Worcester, Warriors, Pumas, Jets).

The Plate competition will be played on a triangular basis, between the remaining three teams (Mavericks, Eagles, Cougars).

The games will be 4 x 8 minutes (with all other rules remaining the same), and each teamís handicap will be reduced by 20% correspondingly.

We also to intend to present trophies for the league competitions on this day to any teams who wish to attend.

Match Results

425 YMCA Eagles 68 - 53 Hereford Mavericks 2

342 YMCA Hawks 67 - 52 Tornadoes

336 Warriors 61 - 52 Pumas

Match Result

330 Hereford Mavericks 77 - 27 Tornadoes

Change of Tip-Time

Match 331 Tornadoes -v- Worcester, being played this Friday, will now start at 19:30.

Match Results

430 Cougars 52 - 48 Hereford Mavericks 2

333 Warriors 71 - 54 Hereford Mavericks

Forfeited Match

328 Warriors 20 - 0 YMCA Hawks

Re-Arranged Matches

427 Jets v Cougars, will now be played on Sunday 17th April @ the Police H.Q.

333 Warriors v Mavericks, will now be played on Saturday 9th April

330 Mavericks v Tornadoes, will now be played on Monday 11th April

Forfeited Match

310 University of Gloucestershire Wildcats 1 0 - 20 YMCA Hawks

Match Result

414 Team Gloster Jets 56 - 53 YMCA Eagles

Match Result

315 University of Gloucestershire Wildcats 1 59 - 67 Worcester Basketball

Re-Arranged Match

310 Wildcats 1 v Hawks, will now be played on Monday 11th April

Forfeited Matches

312 Hereford Mavericks 20 - 0 University of Gloucestershire Wildcats 1

319 Pumas 20 - 0 University of Gloucestershire Wildcats 1

Match Results

335 University of Gloucestershire Wildcats 1 68 - 85 Hereford Mavericks

337 Pumas 54 - 64 Tornadoes

Result Correction

338 Hereford Mavericks 57 - 61 YMCA Hawks

Fixture List Update

To aid readability, I have removed theVOID matches involving Wildcats 2 from the fixtures list.

Postponed Match

427 Team Gloster Jets P - P Cougars ( was due to be played 03 Apr 2011 )

Match Results

339 Tornadoes 66 - 72 Warriors

340 YMCA Hawks 78 - 95 Worcester Basketball

341 University of Gloucestershire Wildcats 1 71 - 81 Pumas

338 Hereford Mavericks 78 - 91 YMCA Hawks

Team List

Cheltenham Eagles
Cheltenham Falcons
Cheltenham Hawks
Gloucester Knights
Gloucester Old Spots
Malvern Mavericks
Malvern Mavericks B
Stroud Sharks
UoG Raiders
Worcester Bears
Worcester Cyclones