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GBL Re-Arranged Matches

193 Spartans v Hurricanes, will now be played on Tuesday 3rd April, 2018, in Worcester.

205 Pumas v Spartans, will now be played on Sunday 8th April, 2018

GBL Match Results

136 Stroud Sharks 67 - 64 Worcester Cyclones

210 Cheltenham Spartans 72 - 48 Cheltenham Eagles

GBL Postponed Match

193 Worcester Hurricanes P - P Cheltenham Spartans ( Lloyd / TBA ) ( was due to be played 03 Apr 2018 )

GBL Match Result

111 Cheltenham Hawks 89 - 66 Worcester Hurricanes

GBL Match Results

207 Worcester Hurricanes 78 - 60 Charlton Kings

209 Cheltenham Hawks 60 - 41 Charlton Kings

GBL Match Result

124 Warriors 81 - 64 Worcester Hurricanes

GBL Match Result

206 UoG Raiders 61 - 68 Stroud Sharks

GBL Re-Arranged Match

191 Hawks v Eagles, will now be played on Friday 6th April, 2018

FIBA/BE Under 14 Girls 3x3

This is a great development which we hope will get more young girls involved in the game. Each region is staging a 3x3 tournament for U14 girls (school year 9 and younger) as part of a national project with support from FIBA. As we have such a widespread region, we are going for two tournaments.

Whilst we are keen to see girls who are already playing basketball involved, we are particularly targeting teams of beginners, or those in which an existing player introduces friends to the game by forming a team. We hope that this will appeal to girls for whom there is no dedicated team but who play in boys’ or mixed teams. For this reason, we are planning to have two levels of competition: Learners and Improvers.

Even if you do not regularly run basketball or teams for girls, please consider this as there may be a few hidden talents in children or siblings of your members. I would also appreciate it if you could forward to schools in your area who are active in the game.

To see more details and entry forms etc, please go to


Paul Christensen
Performance Coach Coordinator South West

GBL Postponed Match

202 Charlton Kings P - P UoG Raiders ( Steckbeck / Grainger ) ( was due to be played 16 Mar 2018 )

John Llewllyn Plate Fixtures

The draw for the next round of the John Llewellyn Plate competition has been made.

Due to not knowing the winners of the first round ties, there are a number of matches that have been scheduled, but they are dependent on the results of earlier matches.

Hurricanes -v- Sharks or Raiders
1st Legs
17 Apr Hurricanes - Sharks
24 Apr Hurricanes - Raiders

2nd Legs
27 Apr Sharks -v- Hurricanes
30 Apr Raiders -v- Hurricanes

Tornadoes or Hawks -v- Eagles or Warriors
1st Legs
20 Apr Hawks - Warriors or Eagles
27 Apr Eagles -v- Tornadoes
28 Apr Warriors -v- Tornadoes

2nd Legs
28 Apr Warriors -v- Hawks
29 Apr Tornadoes -v- Eagles or Warriors

See the fixtures page for details.

GBL Postponed Match ( due to adverse weather )

205 Gloucester Pumas P - P Cheltenham Spartans ( Battrick P / Battrick C ) ( was due to be played 18 Mar 2018 )

GBL Match Result ( Correction )

153 Cheltenham Eagles 46 - 73 Cheltenham Spartans

GBL Match Results

153 Cheltenham Eagles 47 - 73 Cheltenham Spartans

203 Stroud Sharks 69 - 78 Cheltenham Hawks

GBL Match Result

201 Worcester Hurricanes 81 - 42 Gloucester Pumas

GBL Match Results

199 Gloucester Pumas 66 - 35 Cheltenham Eagles

154 UoG Raiders 37 - 62 Stroud Sharks

GBL Re-Arranged Match

204 Warriors v Tornadoes, will now be played on Saturday 21st April, 2018

GBL Match Result

200 Cheltenham Spartans 85 - 69 Worcester Cyclones

GBL Re-Arranged Match

208 Cyclones v Pumas, will now be played on Thursday 12th April, 2018

GBL Match Results

195 UoG Raiders 63 - 77 Cheltenham Spartans

197 Cheltenham Hawks 109 - 60 Tornadoes

198 Charlton Kings 38 - 61 Warriors

404 Tornadoes 71 - 41 Worcester Hurricanes

GBL Re-Arranged Match

208 Cyclones v Pumas, will now be played on Thursday 26th April, 2018

GBL Match Result

196 Worcester Cyclones 100 - 104 Stroud Sharks

GBL Postponed Match ( due to adverse weather )

194 Tornadoes P - P Charlton Kings ( Castello / Grainger ) ( was due to be played 04 Mar 2018 )

193 Cheltenham Spartans P - P Worcester Hurricanes ( Battrick P / Battrick C ) ( was due to be played 04 Mar 2018 )

GBL Postponed Matches ( due to adverse weather )

191 Cheltenham Hawks P - P Cheltenham Eagles ( Martinez / Greaves ) ( was due to be played 02 Mar 2018 )

192 Stroud Sharks P - P Warriors ( Hayward / Steckbeck ) ( was due to be played 02 Mar 2018 )

GBL Match Result

190 UoG Raiders 56 - 67 Worcester Hurricanes

Team List

Cheltenham Eagles
Cheltenham Falcons
Cheltenham Hawks
Gloucester Knights
Gloucester Old Spots
Malvern Mavericks
Malvern Mavericks B
Stroud Sharks
UoG Raiders
Worcester Bears
Worcester Cyclones