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Match Results

335 University of Gloucestershire Wildcats 89 - 51 Team Gloster Jets

343 Pumas 40 - 101 Team Gloster Jets

Rearranged Match

303 Tornadoes -v- Polish Bulls, that was due to be played January 8th, will now be played on 9th April.

Cup Finals Night

This years cup finals will be played at Deer Park School, Cirencester, on Wednesday 21st April.

Times to be announced.

Plate Semi-Final Match Results

250 University of Gloucestershire Wildcats 79 - 57 YMCA Hawks

251 Worcester Basketball 106 - 103 Team Gloster Jets

Match Result

350 Team Gloster Jets 80 - 74 Polish Bulls

Level 2 Referee Course

The West of England Basketball Association are running a level 2 referees course, to be held over the weekend on 24/25 April, and Saturday 8th May.

The first weekend will be held in Trowbridge, the last day in Marlborough.

The cost of the corse is £65.00.

Look in the DOWNLOADS section for further details and an application form.

South West Regional Conference

You are invited to attend the South West Regions third annual conference, to be held on Sunday 16th May, at Stoke Gifford, near Bristol.

There will be sessions on sessions on Coaching, Table Officiating and Refereeing.

For further details, see the DOWNLOADS section.

Match Result

346 University of Gloucestershire Wildcats 2 76 - 55 Cougars

Match Result

332 Worcester Basketball 88 - 72 University of Gloucestershire Wildcats 2

Match Results

331 University of Gloucestershire Wildcats 91 - 42 Pumas

305 Hereford Mavericks 91 - 42 Cougars

345 Hereford Mavericks 73 - 41 University of Gloucestershire Wildcats 2

Match Result

348 Polish Bulls 74 - 77 Tornadoes

Match Result

349 Pumas 66 - 79 Polish Bulls

Rearranged Match

332 Worcester -v- Wildcats 2, that was due to be played February 18th, will now be played on 18th March.

Match Result

347 YMCA Hawks 78 - 81 University of Gloucestershire Wildcats

Match Result

301 Worcester Basketball 65 - 85 Hereford Mavericks

Rearranged Match

317 Wildcats 2 -v- Mavericks, that was due to be played January 26th, will now be played on 25th March.

Cup Match Result

204 Team Gloster Jets 62 - 59 Pumas

Rearranged Match

342 Hawks -v- Tornadoes, that was due to be played last Friday, will now be played on Friday 26th March @ Bournside School.

Match Result

341 Worcester Basketball 107 - 43 Cougars

Semi Final Tip-Times

Wednesday 24th March: 250 Wildcats -v- Hawks will start @ 19:00, with 251 Worcester -v- Jets/Pumas, to follow at 20:30

Wednesday 31st March: 252 Cougars -v- Eagles will start @ 19:00, with 253 Bulls -v- Mavericks, to follow at 20:30.

Each team must provide a non-playing scorer for the match they are playing in.

Teams are reminded that only players apprearing on 5 scoresheets during the pre-Christmas league are eligible to play in cup matches.

Match Result

340 University of Gloucestershire Wildcats 2 71 - 69 YMCA Eagles

Forfeited Match

338 Polish Bulls 20 - 0 University of Gloucestershire Wildcats

Match Result

339 Pumas 41 - 52 YMCA Hawks

Team List

Cheltenham Eagles
Cheltenham Falcons
Cheltenham Hawks
Gloucester Knights
Gloucester Old Spots
Malvern Mavericks
Malvern Mavericks B
Stroud Sharks
UoG Raiders
Worcester Bears
Worcester Cyclones