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Match Result

328 University of Gloucestershire Wildcats 2 46 - 50 Cougars

Re-arranged Matches

The following matches have been re-scheduled ...

330 Hawks -v- Tornadoes, will now be played on April 2nd. Time to be advised.

306 Kings -v- Hawks, will now be played on April 9th.

308 Tornadoes v Blazers, willl now be played on April 17th

315 Kings v Tornadoes, willl now be played on April 23rd

Finally, because of Kings involvement in the cup competition, match 356, Blazers v Kings, has been moved to April 15th.

Postponed Match

330 YMCA Hawks P - P Tornadoes

Re-arranged Match

309 Eagles -v- Mavericks, has been moved again. It will be played on April 3rd, starting at 20:15.

The Hawks -v- Blazers match, to be played on March 20th, will now start at 20:15.

Match Result

329 Kings of Worcester 2 72 - 53 Cirencester College Jets 2

Postponed Match

327 Gloucester Blazers P - P Kings of Worcester

Re-arranged Match

309 Eagles -v- Mavericks, has been re-arranged for March 20th, starting at 19:15.

The Hawks -v- Blazers match, due to be played on the same night, will now start at 20:30.

Re-arranged Match

326 Cougars -v- Kings 2, has been re-arranged for March 1st, starting at 18:30.

The Pumas -v- Wildcats match, due to be played on the same night, will now start at 20:00.

Match Result

322 YMCA Eagles 88 - 52 Dursley Pride

Match Result

321 University of Gloucestershire Wildcats 2 42 - 68 Cirencester College Jets 2

Re-arranged Match

307 University of Gloucestershire Wildcats -v- Pumas, that was postponed during the bad weather, has been re-arranged for March 26th.

The Wildcats 2 -v- Kings 2 match, due to be played on the same night, will now start earlier than originally scheduled.

Match Results

319 Cougars 64 - 57 Cirencester College Jets 2

320 Pumas 60 - 40 Cirencester College Jets

Match Results

318 Dursley Pride 62 - 90 Hereford Mavericks

317 YMCA Hawks 52 - 68 Gloucester Blazers

Postponed Match

315 Kings of Worcester P - P Tornadoes

South West Regional Conference

You are invited to the 2nd South West Regional Conference, to be held on Sunday 17th May, 2009. We are featuring sessions on coaching where we have a number of coaches including those from EB national league. Table officiating will feature some interesting problems. Refereeing will feature some unusual situations and speakers. We will feature some joint sessions between coaches, referees and table officials.

Further details can be obtained from Geoff Steer or by downloading the file in the DOWNLOADS section.

South West Region Training 1996 Boys

In the DOWNLOADS section you will find information on the first regional training day for boys born 1996 on 22 February. We are beginning this process earlier this year to give us the best chance of finding the players with the highest potential, and so that we can work with them for a longer period before the Inter Regional Tournament.

I would be grateful if you could encourage the most effective players and those with the most potential to attend. They will have an enjoyable and productive day, whether or not they are eventually selected for the regional squad.

If there are any outstanding players who are genuinely unable to attend on 22nd because of family holidays, please contact me with details.

Thanks in advance for your support. We do rely on you all to ensure that the strongest team represents the region and that suitable players are given the opportunity to progress.

Please note that we shall also be running one day tournaments in the summer term, like last year, to assist with the next stage of selection, but we hope to put the nucleus of the training squad together now, and to use the additional time to achieve individual and team improvements.

Finally, if you have any outstanding 1995 players who have made really significant improvements in the last few months, and who are clearly stronger than those who represented the South West at Lilleshall in October 2008, please contact me. We are not running an open trial situation for the Area Performance Centre, but would be keen to see just a small number of players with genuine talent who we missed first time around.

Kind regards

Paul Christensen

Home Office: +44 (0)1452 611320

Mobile: +44 (0)77 33333 036

Postponed Match

316 University of Gloucestershire Wildcats 2 P - P Kings of Worcester 2

Postponed Match

326 Cougars P - P Kings of Worcester 2

Postponed Matches

The bad weather conditions has caused the cancelleation of both matches due to be played at Cirencester College this evening.

Forfeited Match

Gloucester Blazers fielded a player that was not eligible to play in their cup match against the Wildcats 2 side on 15th January.

The match has been awarded to Wildcats 2, who will progress into the Plate semi-final against Kings of Worcester.

215 Wildcats 2 20 - 0 Gloucester Blazers

Match Results

310 Hereford Mavericks 43 - 31 University of Gloucestershire Wildcats

313 Cougars 55 - 52 University of Gloucestershire Wildcats 2

314 Pumas 50 - 51 YMCA Eagles

Postponed Matches

Due to the current bad weather, the GBBA has postponed ALL matches due to be played today and tomorrow.

Change of Venue

310 Hereford Mavericks -v- UOG Wildcats 1, due to be played this Sunday, will be held at ...

Whitecross Sports College

Three Elms Road



Starting at 13:15.

Change of Tip Time

Please note that KINGS of Worcester 1 have changed their home tip-off time to 20:30 from now on.

Match Result

325 Cirencester College Jets 36 - 63 University of Gloucestershire Wildcats

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Stroud Sharks
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