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Match Result

137 Cirencester College Jets 73 - 76 Hereford Mavericks

Change of Kit

Please note that will immediate effect, the Jets have changed their kit colours to: Home - White, Away - Red.

Change Of Tip Time

Match 202, Wildcats 2 -v- Pumas, due to be played on January 8th, will now start at 20:45 instead of 19:45.

Match Result

159 Gloucester Blazers 45 - 93 Kings of Worcester

League Champions

Congratulations to GLOUCESTER BLAZERS who are crowned Pre-Chistmas League Champions.

Match Result

169 Tornadoes 91 - 49 Cirencester College Jets

Match Results

132 Cougars 30 - 66 Hereford Mavericks

123 Pumas 40 - 71 Tornadoes

175 University of Gloucestershire Wildcats 2 41 - 56 Kings of Worcester 2

176 University of Gloucestershire Wildcats 57 - 55 Cougars

Hanidcap Cup Fixtures

The fixtures for the cup competition have been released.

The cup semi-finals have been booked in for Wednesday 18th March, with the plate semis a week later.

The finals will be held on Wednesday 22nd April.

Forfeited Match

117 Hereford Mavericks 20 - 0 Kings of Worcester

Void Match

After a protest by Kings of Worcester, match number 159 Blazers -v- Kings, has been declared void, and will be replayed on Wednesday 17th.

Match Result

177 YMCA Eagles 71 - 56 Cirencester College Jets

Forfeited Match

178 YMCA Hawks 20 - 0 Kings of Worcester

Change of Venue

The Police have had to change the venue of match numbers 132 (Cougars -v- Mavericks) and 123 (Pumas -v- Tornadoes) to ...

The Crypt School, Podsmead Road, Gloucester. GL2 5AE

Tip-Off times remain the same.

Match Result

173 Gloucester Blazers 74 - 73 Tornadoes

Match Result

171 Hereford Mavericks 72 - 55 Pumas

Match Result

172 Cougars 58 - 51 Kings of Worcester 2

League Tables

The League Tables page has been updated to take into account future forfeited match results, as well as correctly calculating positions for teams equal on points.

Match Results

167 University of Gloucestershire Wildcats 2 41 - 88 YMCA Hawks

168 University of Gloucestershire Wildcats 62 - 44 YMCA Eagles

Forfeited Match

131 Dursley Pride 20 - 0 Kings of Worcester 2

Match Results

153 University of Gloucestershire Wildcats 2 41 - 91 Pumas

164 Cirencester College Jets 62 - 79 Gloucester Blazers

165 Hereford Mavericks 68 - 50 University of Gloucestershire Wildcats

161 University of Gloucestershire Wildcats 2 44 - 96 Tornadoes

Forfeited Matches

170 Dursley Pride 0 - 20 Gloucester Blazers

174 Kings of Worcester 20 - 0 Dursley Pride

These results are not included in the league tables at this time.

Re-Arranged Match

Match 137 ( Mavericks -v- Jets ) will now take place on Wednesday 17th December, (19:15 tip) at Deer Park School.

Change of Venue

The Cougars have had to change the venue of match number 172 (Cougars -v- Kings 2) to ...

The Crypt School, Podsmead Road, Gloucester. GL2 5AE

Tip-Off time remains the same at 19:30

Team List

Cheltenham Eagles
Cheltenham Falcons
Cheltenham Hawks
Gloucester Knights
Gloucester Old Spots
Malvern Mavericks
Malvern Mavericks B
Stroud Sharks
UoG Raiders
Worcester Bears
Worcester Cyclones