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GBL Match Result

124 Warriors 92 - 45 Cheltenham Eagles

GBL Match Results

120 UoG Raiders 40 - 79 Malvern Mavericks

123 Cheltenham Falcons 31 - 52 Stroud Sharks

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GBL Match Result

122 Worcester Cyclones 66 - 92 Gloucester Knights

GBL Postponed Match

123 Stroud Sharks P - P Cheltenham Falcons ( Rucinskas / Gooch ) ( was due to be played 29 Oct 2021 )

GBL Re-Arranged Match

123 Sharks v Falcons, will now be played on Thursday 28th October, 2021, and will be played at the YMCA Sports Hall.

GBL Match Result

119 Malvern Mavericks 66 - 82 Worcester Bears

GBL Match Results

116 UoG Raiders 90 - 82 Worcester Bears

118 Cheltenham Eagles 41 - 82 Cheltenham Hawks

GBL Re-Arranged Match

117 Cyclones v Sharks, will now be played on Thursday 13th January, 2022

Reinstated Match

118 Cheltenham Eagles v Cheltenham Hawks will go ahead this Thursday as originally planned.

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Postponed Match

118 Cheltenham Eagles P - P Cheltenham Hawks

GBL Match Result

115 Gloucester Knights 65 - 51 Warriors

GBL Match Results

222 Stroud Sharks 69 - 66 UoG Raiders

242 Warriors 57 - 45 Malvern Mavericks

GBL Match Results

121 Cheltenham Hawks 58 - 77 Worcester Bears

201 Worcester Cyclones 123 - 28 Cheltenham Falcons

GBL Match Result

200 Gloucester Knights 60 - 52 Gloucester Old Spots

GBL Re-Arranged Match

121 Bears v Hawks, will now be played on Thursday 14th October, 2021.

This will be played at the Cheltenham YMCA venue.

GBL Match Results

112 Cheltenham Hawks 67 - 54 Gloucester Knights

114 Stroud Sharks 80 - 47 UoG Raiders

113 Malvern Mavericks 90 - 65 Cheltenham Eagles

GBL Match Result

111 Worcester Bears 85 - 43 Cheltenham Falcons

Technical Update

For the record, and to comply with GBL rules, The Hawks have nominated the following individuals as their 'best' 6 players ...

James Gardner
Rhys Hoppe
James Parker
Andrius Rucinskas
Cameron Talbot
Adam Scott

These 6 players can only play for the Hawks, and not any other teams within the club.

GBL Match Result Correction

241 Worcester Bears 68 - 80 Cheltenham Hawks

Dexter Dawson Charity Cup

Malvern B have withdrawn from the charity cup competition.

Matches 221, 223 and 226 will not take place.

GBL Match Result

110 Warriors 68 - 70 Worcester Cyclones

GBL Match Result

109 Cheltenham Eagles 67 - 65 UoG Raiders

Team List

Cheltenham Eagles
Cheltenham Falcons
Cheltenham Hawks
Gloucester Knights
Gloucester Old Spots
Malvern Mavericks
Malvern Mavericks B
Stroud Sharks
UoG Raiders
Worcester Bears
Worcester Cyclones