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Basketball England Online Courses

BE are running some online courses ...

Level 1 Referee

Aimed at complete beginners who want a better knowledge of the game: whether an under-16 player just starting out in the officiating world; a parent; or a novice looking to get into the sport. This online course gives an insight into the basic mechanics of refereeing, violations and fouls.

Level 1 referees can officiate school games, youth local leagues and at recreational level.

You will need access to a laptop, computer or smart device to complete this course.

Cost £40.00

Level 1 Table Official

Provides an introduction for complete beginners to the game. This online course gives you an insight into the basic work of a timer and scorer.

Level 1 table officials can officiate at school games, youth local leagues and at recreational level.

You will need access to a laptop, computer or smart device, and the ability to print a document to complete this course.

Cost: £30.00

Remember: All teams will need qualified table officials for season 2021 / 2022 season.

The good news is that the GBBA have a range of supported funding opportunities for these types of courses. Please make contact with Issy for more information.


England Basketball - Return to Play Update

The Government Covid-19 rules introduced recently have had a significant impact on Basketball England’s Return to Play plans.

The decision not to make non-elite adult indoor exempt from the new ‘rule of six’ social distancing restrictions has caused confusion and upset for many in the basketball community.

BE has been working hard to press the Government for an explanation of the rationale behind their decision and to lobby for support and a safe revision of their rules around indoor sport.

As a result of the Government's decision, all elite senior basketball can still take place, as can educational competitive basketball and junior basketball.

That includes:
   • NBL Division One – Elite senior
   • WNBL Division One – Elite senior
   • Jnr. NBL U18 Premier Men & Women – Junior; players who turn 18 during the season are classed as elite senior
   • Jnr. NBL U18 Conference Men & Women – Junior (17 and under); Non-elite players who turn 18 during the season cannot play under the Government rules once they become adults
   • All other Jnr. NBL leagues – Junior
   • EABL, WEABL, ABL, BUCS – Education based
   • Junior local leagues – Junior

The following Basketball England competitions cannot take place for 2020/21 season under the Government rules:
   • NBL Division 2 and 3 – Suspended with BE review in November 2020
   • WNBL Division 2 – Suspended with BE review in November 2020
   • Adult local leagues – Suspended with BE review in November 2020

To find out more on the Government's ruling and how it affects the coming season, click the button below.



South West Chair Recruitment

England Basketball are currently recruiting for the South West Regional Chair.

Please see below a link to the website for the relevant information...

If you are interested in the role or would like to find out more about what the role entail, please email

Sam Lewis, Relationship and Coordination Manager.

GBBA Community Update

Firstly, thank you for the many congratulations sent following the surprising BE Services to Basketball award we received lately.

Ian has been involved in Basketball “forever” I came into the game in 1978 as a table official to support a new team based in Cirencester, with no knowledge, preparation or any idea what I was letting myself in for!

Enter Mr & Mrs Christensen, referee and referee: that was an experience that paved the way for a diverse and challenging few ( well more than a few ) years. Ian has been constant in his devotion to the game whereas I took time out to follow my workplace career.

This award has caused us to reflect on the many good times, challenging times, high points and low points and more than anything some of the amazing people, relationships and achievements we have experienced during this time.

A few have remained life long friends, many others have moved away from the area or basketball but good times and challenges they set remain pleasant memories of the journey.

We have refereed a number of senior school or junior players who are still involved locally in many ways , players coaches, administrators, I have found this quite an amusing experience!!!

We have coached at a number of levels , particularly 12-16 year olds supporting Paul Christiensen in his early days of developing potential and National League players.

In doing so we have followed many of their journeys as they mature and move away from the area to follow their chosen path, at times we have also shared in painful and sad journeys.

It brings home, if indeed you ever need reminding, that the basketball community is exactly that, a family with a common interest, sometimes cantankerous and challenging, but chips down there for each other.

Holding that belief, and with permission, I am now sharing the challenge being faced by one such player. A man we have known and worked with during his early teens and in recent years as a member of the committee.

Many know Joe Grainger, some may recall him as a player, most will associate Joe with Saxons at various levels, coaching, developing schools basketball and as a referee.

Many will know that for a number of years Joe has battled cancer with all the mental and physical determination of a true sportsman. His determination and continued devotion and commitment to the development of the game has been exceptional to watch.

Whilst a prognosis with the potential for a much needed transplant and new treatments at one stage looked promising, Joe has recently told us that his consultant has informed him, that sadly, the situation has deteriorated and that his condition is now terminal with a prognosis of less than six months.

It was Joe’s intention, during periods of well-being to continue supporting basketball helping Ian at the UNI, cruelly COVID-19 has removed that option.

I know Joe would appreciate remaining in contact with the basketball community and we will continue to keep you updated.

The committee have offered and will continue to offer Joe every possible support.

Please stay safe.


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