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Match Results

216 Gloucester Blazers 79 - 70 Hereford Mavericks

310 Worcester Wolves 59 - 65 YMCA Hawks


All teams are reminded of rules 10 & 11 of the GBBA rules that state ...

10. Equipment

The home team must provide the minimum of the following:

  • EBBA score pad
  • two timing devices
  • two different sounding devices (horn, bell, etc. - but no whistles)
  • a score board that is visible to both teams
  • five personal foul markers
  • red team foul markers that are easily visible to players and officials
  • directional arrow
  • two match balls (not new)

A warning will be issued on the first offence. On subsequent occasions a fine of 20 will be levied.

11. Table Officials

The home team must provide:

  1. A non-playing scorer
  2. A timekeeper (who may be a substitute player, changing only at the interval between quarters)
  3. A visual score operator (who may be a substitute player)

It is not permitted for one person to act as both scorer and timekeeper.

Failure to provide one or more of the three necessary officials will result in a fine of 20.

Referees have been requested to report breaches of these rules to comittee members.

Match Result

207 Pumas 81 - 74 Gloucester Blazers

Match Results

307 YMCA Hawks 70 - 32 Cougars

308 University of Gloucestershire Raiders 56 - 45 YMCA Eagles

Postponed Match

206 Warriors P - P Hereford Mavericks ( Hayward / Blakemore ) ( was due to be played 28 Jan 2012 )

Match Results

306 Hereford Mavericks 2 38 - 66 YMCA Hawks

205 Gloucester Blazers 74 - 81 Tornadoes

Match Result

305 University of Gloucestershire Raiders 82 - 54 Worcester Wolves

Match Result

204 Pumas 68 - 61 Warriors

Match Result

304 YMCA Eagles 66 - 63 Cougars

Match Result

302 Cougars 40 - 91 University of Gloucestershire Raiders

Match Results

202 Hereford Mavericks 74 - 35 Gloucester Blazers

303 Worcester Wolves 59 - 28 Hereford Mavericks 2

Postponed Matches

203 Hereford Black Cats P - P Hereford Mavericks ( TBA / TBA ) ( was due to be played 22 Jan 2012 )

213 Gloucester Blazers P - P Hereford Black Cats ( Moss / Steckbeck ) ( was due to be played 14 Feb 2012 )

Re-Arranged Match

203 Black Cats v Mavericks, will now be played on Tuesday 27th March

Match Result

201 Warriors 87 - 61 Hereford Black Cats

Match Result

301 YMCA Hawks 73 - 52 YMCA Eagles

Postponed Matches

203 Hereford Black Cats P - P Hereford Mavericks ( Gordon / Llewellyn ) ( was due to be played 22 Jan 2012 )

209 Hereford Black Cats P - P Pumas ( Gordon / Llewellyn ) ( was due to be played 05 Feb 2012 )

214 Hereford Black Cats P - P Warriors ( Farmer / Finch ) ( was due to be played 19 Feb 2012 )

220 Hereford Black Cats P - P Tornadoes ( Farmer / Harding ) ( was due to be played 04 Mar 2012 )

227 Hereford Black Cats P - P Gloucester Blazers ( Greaves / Harding ) ( was due to be played 18 Mar 2012 )

Re-Arranged Matches

203 Black Cats v Mavericks, will now be played on Sunday 22nd January, starting at 14:15

209 Black Cats v Pumas, will now be played on Sunday 5th February, starting at 14:15

214 Black Cats v Warriors, will now be played on Sunday 19th February, starting at 14:15

220 Black Cats v Tornadoes, will now be played on Sunday 4th March, starting at 14:15

227 Black Cats v Blazers, will now be played on Sunday 18th March, starting at 14:15

Change of Venue & Tip Time

Please note that with immediate effects, the Hereford Black Cats have changed their home court to Hereford Sixth Form College, Folly Lane, Hereford. HR1 1LU

Their matches will still be played on a Sunday, but will now start at 14:15.

Best of the West

This years 'Best of the West' competition will take place on the weekend of 26th & 27th May.

The GBBA league winners will be invited to attend.

Tip-Time Corrections

Please note that the tip time for the Blazers home matches was incorrectly quoted as 19:30 on the original fixtures list. Tip remains at 19:15.

Likewise the Warriors. Their start time is 18:15, not 18:30 as circulated.

Please ensure you update your copy of the fixtures.

Post Christmas League Fixtures

The league fixtures for the rest of the season are now available. Click on the FIXTURES link for more details.

Change of Venue

Please note that the new team, Worcester Wolves, will play their home matches at Bishop Perowne School, Merrimans Hill Road, Worcester, WR3 8LE, on a Tuesday evening.

Change of Tip-Time

With immediate effect, Gloucester Blazers have changed their home night to Tuesday. Matches will start at 19:15.

Team List

Cheltenham Eagles
Cheltenham Falcons
Cheltenham Hawks
Gloucester Knights
Gloucester Old Spots
Malvern Mavericks
Malvern Mavericks B
Stroud Sharks
UoG Raiders
Worcester Bears
Worcester Cyclones