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Annual General Meeting

Notice is hereby given that the 2018/2019 Season Annual General Meeting will be held at the Churchdown Club, Church Road, Churchdown, GL3 2 ER, on Wednesday 19th June, 2019, starting at 19:15.

The provisional agenda can be downloaded here.

Note: The Rule Changes, Referee Development Package and Action Plan documents mentioned in the agenda will be made available after the committee meeting on 21st May.

A finger buffet will be provided, and there is a bar available if you wish to purchase drinks.

All the Details from Yesterday

The complete list of presentations from yesterdays' Finals Day

All Star North -v- All Star South
WinnersAll Star South 64Coach Adam Stacey
Runners UpAll Star North 32Coach Will Brain
Most Valuable PlayerWojciech Janur - Warriors 

University Challenge Cup
WinnersUoG Raiders 67
Runners UpHartpury 58
Most Valuable PlayerJack Power - Raiders

Dexter Dawson Charity Cup
WinnersCharlton Kings 72
Runners UpWorcester Cyclones 61
Most Valuable PlayerChris Charter - Charlton Kings
Super Hero AwardDexter Dawson

John Llewellyn Handicap Plate
WinnersMalvern Mavericks 80
Runners UpCheltenham Hawks 73
Most Valuable PlayerLuke Johnson - Malvern Mavericks

Referee Achievement Awards
Andy Steckbeck
Adam Scott

Respect Trophy
Cheltenham Eagles

League Winners Season 2018/2019
Worcester Cyclones

Most Valuable Player League Season 2018/2019
Steve Broughton - Worcester Cyclones

Finals Day Photos

For some photos of the events of yesterday, visit the GBBA Facebook page.

GBL Finals Day Match Results

998 All Stars North 32 - 64 All Stars South    ( All Starts Game )

999 Hartpury Basketball 58 - 67 UOG Raiders    ( University Challenge )

700 Charlton Kings 72 - 61 Worcester Cyclones    ( Dexter Dawson Cup Final )

800 Cheltenham Hawks 73 - 80 Malvern Mavericks    ( John Llewellyn Handicap Plate Final )

GBBA Finals Day

Remember, tomorrow, Sunday 12th May, is GBBA Cup Finals day, being held at Hartpury College, Hartpury, Gloucestershire. GL19 3BE.

The order of events are :

Court #1

13:20    All Starts North -v- All Stars South

15:20    Dexter Dawson Charity Cup Final - Charlton Kings -v- Worcester Cyclones

Court #2

13:20    University Challenge Cup - UOG Raiders -v- Hartpury

15:20    John Llewellyn Plate Handicap Cup Final - Cheltenham Hawks -v- Malvern Mavericks

Everyone is encouraged to attend the Clubhouse after the final matches where there will be a raffle and an Auction, including a signed Gloucester Rugby Shirt.

Following the raffle will be the presentations to the teams competing in the finals, as well as teams and individuals who have performed well over the season.

Coming Soon

GBL Match Results

406 Hartpury Basketball 83 - 95 Cheltenham Hawks

506 Cheltenham Eagles 113 - 65 UOG Raiders

Cup Final Places

All the results are now in from the qualifying rounds of the John Llewellyn Hanidcap competition, and Cheltenham Hawks will play Malvern Mavericks in the final on Sunday May 12th.

GBL Match Result

603 Worcester Cyclones 58 - 54 Cheltenham Spartans

Cup Final Place

Congratulations to Worcester Cyclones who have won the right to play Charlton Kings in the Dexter Dawson Cup Final on Sunday May 12th.

GBL Match Result

505 UOG Raiders 62 - 97 Warriors

GBL Match Result

405 Hartpury Basketball 89 - 131 Warriors B

GBL Match Results

602 Cheltenham Spartans 72 - 74 Worcester Cyclones

613 Gloucester Pumas 47 - 63 Charlton Kings

Cup Final Place

With their win over the Pumas last night, Charlton Kings progress into the GBBA Cup Final taking place on Sunday May 12th.

The other Cup Final place will be filled by the winners on the Cyclones / Spartans match taking place on Thursday this week.

GBL Match Result

504 Cheltenham Eagles 77 - 89 Malvern Mavericks

GBL Forfeited Match

404 Stroud Sharks 20 - 0 Hartpury Basketball

GBBA Finals Day

As previously reported, the GBBA Cup Finals day is being held on Sunday May 12th

This year it is being held at Hartpury College ( GL19 3BE ) for the first time.

We are in the very fortunate position of having had a signed Gloucester Rugby shirt donated as star attraction in the finals day auction.

If you're interested in sporting memorabillia, come along on the 12th May for your chance to bid on this piece of sporting history.

GBL Match Result

403 Cheltenham Hawks 67 - 64 Stroud Sharks

GBL Match Result

612 Charlton Kings 64 - 61 Gloucester Pumas

Dexter Dawson Play-Off Pool B

The result above means that the 3rd, and deciding, match between Charlton Kings and the Pumas will be played on Sunday 28th April.

GBL Match Result

502 Warriors 115 - 79 Cheltenham Eagles

GBL Re-Arranged Match

502 Warriors v Eagles, will now be played on Saturday 13th April, 2019

GBL Postponed Match

503 Malvern Mavericks P - P Warriors ( Finch / Lloyd ) ( was due to be played 12 Apr 2019 )

GBL Forfeited Match

503 Malvern Mavericks 20 - 0 Warriors

GBL Match Result

402 Cheltenham Hawks 86 - 78 Warriors B

GBL Match Results

401 Stroud Sharks 97 - 103 Warriors B

176 Cheltenham Spartans 101 - 65 Cheltenham Hawks

611 Gloucester Pumas 69 - 39 Charlton Kings

GBL Postponed Match

502 Warriors P - P Cheltenham Eagles ( Hayward / Greaves ) ( was due to be played 06 Apr 2019 )

Final League Table

Congratulations to Cheltenham Spartans who finish the league campaign as Runners Up.

GBL Match Result

601 Worcester Cyclones 67 - 80 Cheltenham Spartans

Change of Handicap

The Eagles have had their handicap reduced by 6 points to take into account a new player.

GBL Postponed Match

602 Cheltenham Spartans P - P Worcester Cyclones ( Greaves / Steckbeck ) ( was due to be played 14 Apr 2019 )

GBL Re-Arranged Matches

602 Spartans v Cyclones, will now be played on Sunday 28th April, 2019

603 Cyclones v Spartans, will now be played on Thursday 2nd May, 2019

GBL Match Result

501 UOG Raiders 47 - 63 Malvern Mavericks

Team List

Charlton Kings
Cheltenham Eagles
Cheltenham Hawks
Cheltenham Spartans
Gloucester Pumas
Hartpury Basketball
Malvern Mavericks
Stroud Sharks
UOG Raiders
Warriors B
Worcester Cyclones